Altera Arria 10

Altera Arria 10

Altera’s Arria 10 addresses a diverse range of end-applications and customers. The designs are scalable and flexible to support the FPGA family SKUs from the most basic GX 160 to the most feature-rich and power hungry GT 1150.

The programmable system integration, upward scalability, high performance/watt numbers and reduced time-to-market features of the AnDAPT’s AmP PMIC makes it an ideal match for handling power management responsibilities of Arria 10 FPGA solutions.



GX 160
GX 220
GX 270
GX 320
GX 480
GX 570
GX 660
GX 900
GX 1150

SX 160
SX 220
SX 270
SX 320
SX 480
SX 570
SX 660
GT 900
GT 1150

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