On-Demand PMIC

Power Management Platform

Create your own PMICs

AmP On-Demand Power Management platforms offer additional flexibility over Adaptable PMICs for customers who want to create their own PMICs. Using WebAmP™ application software, power designers can customize by adding available Power Component designs based on their system requirements to provide everything they need to rapidly design and to produce a customized PMIC.

WebAmP Tool Demo

On-Demand PMIC Tool

WebAmP™ Development Tools are used to design and configure On-Demand custom PMIC solutions. Drag-and-Drop Power Components, compile and download your design. Interface with AmP Platform Demonstration Board to program external FLASH or download to AmP Platform.

Users must be registered & approved to use AnDAPT’s WebAmP tool.

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AnDAPT Multi-Rail Power Platform AmP Family

AmP is an On-Demand Power Management platform that provides power designers with everything they need to rapidly design and optimize their end system power management.

AmP8D Features

Power Blocks

  • Scalable Integrated MOSFETs (SIM)
  • Current Protect Comparator
  • Current Sense-DAC Comparator

FPGA Blocks

  • µLogic-512 LUTs
  • Compensator RAMs
  • Timer Array, SPI, I2C

Sensor Blocks

  • Adaptive Error Digitizers
  • Comparators
  • Instrumentation Amplifier
  • Noise Immune References

Analog Fabric

  • µAnalog, GPIOs (24)

What We Offer

Power Blocks for a variety of topologies

Scalable Integrated N-channel MOSFETs (SIM) Integrated current sense and DAC (CS-DAC) Build Switching topologies – Buck, Boost, Buck-Boost Build Linear topologies – LDO, Load Switch Build Mixed topologies – Battery Charger Build BLDC topologies – H-Bridge.

Sensor Block for sensing, regulation and protection

Create references for regulation and protection (Nref) Compare signals with using threshold comparators (ThC) Digitize signals with integrated differential digitizers (ADi) Adjust bandwidth and sampling rate Adjust regulation precision and transient performance Add and subtract signals using summation amplifiers (SuM).

Analog Fabric connectivity for sensor signals

Route signals from GPIOs, summation amplifier and references Route signals from SIM current sense and SIM DAC Route signals to comparators, digitizers, summers, GPIOs Route references to comparators, digitizers, summers, GPIOs Route references to SIM comparators Build BLDC topologies – H-Bridge.

Digital µLogic fabric connectivity for digital signals

Combination Analog and Digital GPIOs Look up tables for logic (LUTs) Compensator RAM for compensation or memory (CRAM) Precision modulation timers for static or dynamic delays (PMT) Build control loops and interfaces.

On-Demand Power Management – A New User Paradigm

What you can do

  • Select, Integrate power components.
  • Optimize, Tailor power components.
  • Integrate heterogeneous rails.
  • Pace power design with system changes.
  • Simplify, Sequence and Control all power rails.
  • Monitor, Voltage-Scale all power rails.
  • Don’t see a power component you need?


  • Lower device and board cost.
  • Design for your application power needs.
  • Consolidate BOM and lower inventory.
  • Flexibility for rapid changes; Accelerate to market.
  • Lower power delivered.
  • Lower power consumed.
  • Consult with AnDAPT experts.
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